How to Choose the Best Dog Beds

21 Nov

Dog beds before were actually nothing fancy and were only consisting of old blankets or perhaps used sofa cushions. But today, it becomes something a necessity for every dog owner in order to ensure that their pet dogs are comfortable and will be able to sleep well.

Below are some of the necessities that you should consider in choosing the best dog beds:


It is important to consider on quality in order for you to get what you pay for. You should consider giving every prospective dog bed at a test first in order to know more about its structure. This will help you to know whether its joints move or wiggles for you to know about its assembly. Wooden joints or metal welds should be solid enough in order to last long because dogs tends to repeatedly climb in and out of the bed several times in a day.

Fabric Durability

If ever your dog claws or chews on the cushion before they recline, it is important to have a strong dog bed that is able to resist the abuse. Bear in mind that cheap fabrics could easily shred.

Size Consideration

Size is another crucial consideration in selecting the best dog beds. It needs to be large enough for your dog to stretch out comfortable and tight enough in making your dog feel secure.

When you own a puppy, it's essential that you know on the final size and weight that your puppy will achieve when it is fully grown. This is where you should do research regarding the breed of your puppy before you shop. If you buy a dog bed for your puppy, consider one that will fit with it once that it is fully-grown. This can actually be beneficial for the both of you before exposing your puppy to a bed at its early age will allow you better training.

Choose the size of the dog bed through considering the breed of your dog, its size and weight that it will achieve once that it is full-grown.

Special Age Requirements

You need to be aware that older dogs sometimes will develop a painful age-onset degenerative joint disease and also genetic disorders like hip dysplasia and arthritis. The low stepped beds will make it easy for your elderly dog to get them in and out. Having a thick cushion and supportive sides also are good additions. There are also memory foam dog beds that are available for added comfort for your elderly dog. This kind of foam has a memory to where it means that it doesn't pack down and rebounds after the dog moves out of it. You may further read about dogs at

Ease of Cleaning and Caring

Doing regular cleaning for your dog's bed can be helpful in eliminating or reducing the pervasive dog odors. This is the reason why you should consider choosing a fabric which is easy to clean. Consider looking for dog beds that have machine washable covers or beds which you could clean in the washer. When your dog will sleep outside, choose a bed that is made with materials which will only need light scrubbing with mild soaps and can be rinsed through spraying the surface with a garden hose.

The last thing that you may want to also consider would be on the color of the dog bed. Colors don't actually matter to dogs because they are color blind, but it could help add beauty to your home. Because there are tons of colors and covers that are available, you could easily change them as you want when your home's d?cor style changes or if you are planning to transfer the dog bed to another room, click here to get started!

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